In the months ahead we will be starting our Craft Room overhaul/redo, and new home of Oh Yes, They Did, in a spare bedroom at my place.  We will be creating, documenting and sharing through posts, videos and tutorials the process from start to finish. This will become the place we will one, showcase our decorating on a budget skills and our DIY skills and two, begin to create original projects for our blog.

The Craft Room was Kim’s (my daughter and co-blogger at Oh Yes, They Did) idea, that she  proposed to me through a text out of the blue a couple of months ago. It was something I had pondered over the years but it never really developed past the hmm, that would be fun stage.  I’m not sure if she came up with the idea as a good project for the two of us or something to keep me focused on while I am recovering from a brain injury (I am now 14 months into the recovery process) and the boredom that comes with this.  Either way, she created a MONSTER! Once the thought was put back into the forefront of my brain, and bonus, as a joint project, there was no stopping the ideas from flowing! I honestly couldn’t count the number of texts and email we have sent to each other sharing ideas back and forth.

Pinterest has given us so many ideas, so many that I had to create a separate “board” in order to keep track of them all (Embarrassed face). I will add this board to our Oh Yes, They Did Pinterest Page. Here’s the link –  Craft Room Board .

Neither one of us could be considered girly, frilly or anything remotely similar to that, yet we are planning on decorating our Craft Room to be a fussy, girly, no boys/men allowed outlet for our creativity.  Kim is jeans and sweats, I am yoga pants and tunics… the Craft Room is going to be the complete opposite of us… girly to the extreme!

So far I think we have decided on a shade of Turquoise as our main colour, accented with a dark, rosy pink, yellow, white and maybe a taupe to compliment.  We have purchased a really nice quilt set that incorporates all of these colours and are still in the process of deciding on a curtain design.  We know it will be “frilly” but we are undecided if it will be ruffled sheers or some sort of flowing treatment with tulle.  We are going to paint all of the furniture white and Kim just showed me a wall treatment that makes a wall look like bricks.  So, we might end up doing a statement wall this way.  We want to paint a white tree in one corner and have some type of small hanging shelves  suspended in the “tree.” We of course want a pretty, small crystal chandelier hanging from the middle of the ceiling and will repurpose 2 crystal base lamps I won for $2 at an online auction!

We have plans to make a couple of framed, painted peg boards to hold our ever expanding craft supplies (aka hoard), incorporating an old buffet for storage, a tension rod hanging bar, adding shelves to a large bulkhead with frilly curtains and redoing an old family sewing table to add to this room. Like I said, the ideas just keep flowing and I can’t wait to actually take the ideas off paper/online boards and put them into practice.

As of now, the floor is bare concrete.  We are considering some sort of faux wood planks floor treatment, or stenciling, or who knows what but some sort of paint treatment to transform the bare concrete.  Being bare concrete at this point makes our options endless.  We will have multi-coloured throw rugs around the room to keep our feet toasty while we create and plan on painting one of those cute little electric fireplaces to keep the chill out on cold winter nights.

Recycling and repurposing will be a big part of our redo. Whether it is the $2 lamps I mentioned above, currently unused furniture, thrift store and auction finds, empty coffee cans and so on, we plan to make this a low budget, all DIY project that we hope will maybe teach you a few new tricks along the way or ways not to do things as well lol.

Whatever we decide, I know the Craft Room will become an eclectic mix of both of our styles and a room we can create in for a very long time (until we run our of storage room!). We hope you will join us on this journey, even offering tips and ideas along the way, as we create our way to our long awaited, dream, DIY, on a budget Craft Room!

Below are our “Before” pictures, as I said above, we will accept any tips or suggestions from you as we begin our journey to Craft Room Heaven!



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