Easter Crafts #2

Washi Tape Easter Egg in a Frame


Here is the 2nd of the Easter Crafts I made today.  It is a Washi Tape Egg in a Frame.  This is very Kid Friendly and very quick to make.  The sparkly Washi Tape just makes it stand out more to me!

And again, I found everything I needed to make this craft at the Dollar Store!


  • 1 Sheet Construction Paper (Colour of your choice)
  • 1 Sheet Scrapbook Paper
  • Various colours of Washi Tape
  • Frame (5 x 7)
  • Ribbon

This craft is so Easy that I didn’t even do step by step pictures.


  1. Cut both the construction paper and the scrapbook paper to fit the picture frame.
  2. On the construction paper attach the Washi Tape in colourful rows.  Try to keep straight lines but it’s an Easter Egg so it won’t be too big a deal if it isn’t perfectly straight.
  3. Once your rows of tape are complete, cut an Easter egg shape from the leftover construction paper.
  4. When you are happy with the shape you cut out transfer this image to the BACK of the paper with the Washi Tape rows and cut out carefully.
  5. Take apart the picture frame.
  6. Centre the Washi Tape Egg on the inside glass of the frame.
  7. Put the scrapbook paper you cut to size behind the centered egg and replace the back of the frame.
  8. Make a nice bow with the ribbon and use your glue gun to attach it to the outside of the frame at the top of the egg.
  9. Attach Washi tape to the face of the picture frame (optional) and your Washi Tape Easter Egg is complete!




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