Sausage Making


I am contemplating buying a sausage maker of some kind and trying to make my own homemade sausages for my boys.  It will be nice to know what actually goes into them!

They love sausages, especially hot sausages.  I love the fact I could control what they are eating to some degree.

I have looked at many versions of Sausage Makers but I really don’t know the ins and outs of what makes  one version better than the other?  I am hoping someone might make a recommendation to me, especially if they too have tried it.  There are so many awesome sounding recipes out there I would love to try! From Pinterest, of course.  Here are a few links of the ones I have seen and can’t wait to try.


Okay, so maybe it was more than a few links!  I am pretty sure they would love each and every one of them.


Now for the actual sausage makers.  Do I go with a simple one with a hand crank?  Do I spend hundreds of dollars on the attachments for my KitchenAid?  Do I purchase the one that looks like a caulking gun?  It seems there are as many types of sausage makers as there are sausage flavours!

Here is a small gallery of the ones I have been looking at so far.


Any suggestions or recommendations? I have Polish blood running through my veins which not only affects how much garlic I cook with (embarrassed face), but also the urge to try to make my own sausage…. maybe even some Kielbasa? Who could blame me for wanting to try that?  What could be better than a meal of homemade Kielbasa and Pierogi?

Please contact me with any experiences, good or bad, you have had with any of these “contraptions.”  My sausage making future depends on you !  No pressure!




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