Easter Crafts # 3

String Eggs

Let me start by saying Crap-a–doodle!  I thought these would be a walk in the park.  I have seen them all over Pinterest and thought, what a cool thing to try!

I don’t know how everyone else did it but I can guarantee that mine did not turn out like those ones!  And, as if the outcome wasn’t bad enough…. I was a big sparkly (because I thought it would be really FUN to add sparkles to the glue and water), sticky mess! Oh, I almost forgot….as if my Great Idea to add sparkles to the glue wasn’t enough, I had what I thought was a “brilliant” idea about putting those little Flameless tea light candles in the eggs for some added pizzazz.!  Well, it took two of us to get the *#$^$* tea light candles into the balloons….my son holding the balloon opening wide enough for me to crush his fingers and get the candles in there!

I don’t know if my glue to water ratio was wrong or if it was because I added sparkles, all I know is that mine did NOT turn out anything like the ones on Pinterest!

I will walk you through what I did and how I did it and maybe you will have more luck than I did.  I even had my son videotape a really small “Tip” that I thought would help anyone else trying it (I would  include this tip, but I can’t upload videos to this site yet), but it sure didn’t help me!

If you have better luck than I do, please let me in on the secret!!!!  You will see how I had to improvise with the results of my attempts in the pictures.


Okay, I blew up the balloons (After we got the candles in them 😦 ) and then I mixed up the glue, sparkles and water.

Now it was time to start wrapping the balloons with the Embroidery floss. Don’t forget to put a big garbage bag on your work surface because it is going to get really messy!  I ended up doing it all with my hands.  I did try to do it neatly using a long popsicle stick to submerge and pull the glue coated floss out of the container but it just didn’t work!

It should be as simple as submerging the floss in the glue mixture, wrapping said floss around the balloon (and by the way, mine were certainly not egg-shaped), let it dry, pop the balloon and end up with beautiful string eggs/balls!

This is what mine looked like wrapped. You can already see the one on the far right starting to sag!  Not pretty!


I also decided it would be FUN to try one of the big eggs with the opening at the front so you can put objects inside it.  I will admit, it didn’t turn out anywhere near as bad as the little ones but it is still far from the pictures I’ve seen of those!


So, even though this craft sure looked like it was going to be a disaster, I put them downstairs and let them dry overnight.  I didn’t get up enough courage to go look at them until this afternoon and when I did finally look my fears were confirmed!  All I had was a big stringy mess!  One of the little ones was passable, as you will see by the pictures, but the other three just went totally flat once the balloon was no longer supporting it.

All I could think of was how much time I had wasted and that now I was going to have to throw three of them out.  As I was getting ready to chuck them I inadvertently smushed one and it sort of looked like a nest.  Brain storm!  I smushed the other two, put the candles in the middle and I had little, sparkly string “nests.”  It was no more than an improvisation but at least I didn’t have to throw it out.  Below are a few pictures of the whole mess, with the candles lit…some in regular light and one with it a bit darker to show off the candles a little bit!

As you can see from the gallery above, it is still a stringy mess but it will have to do until I learn the magic tip to make these and have them turn out.

Again, if you have any suggestions that might help me conquer the String Eggs, please email us or comment and let me know!



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