My Online Auction Addiction

Okay, firstly, I will admit, I have become an Auction Junkie. And no, I don’t mean eBay or anything like that.  I am talking about online contents sales.  When I saw the first auction I could not believe the things I was finding and for the prices I was finding/getting things for! It’s great for me, not so great for my kids.  When there’s an auction where Kim lives, she so wonderfully and without complaint picks up my prizes.  When I win an auction up here where I live, my son has to continue his current role of chauffeur to take me to pick it up. ( I am not allowed to drive at this moment due to a traumatic brain injury from a car accident.  Thank goodness my kids don’t seem to mind helping me out this way!)

I found furniture, linens, cabinets, collectable china and crystal, quilts, even a few things I have put away for Christmas gifts for next Christmas already.

I picked up a few things today that I am thrilled with.  I treated myself to a vintage Wedgewood Jasperware Blue Table Lighter.  It is beautiful, and it works.  I paid $10 for it and I just found a 25% off listing on another site, listing it for $135 CDN!  Now what do I do?  I will probably keep it but will always know what I could have made on it!

Todays treasure trove also included a Beauceware Canada Blue Swan Planter, a Bavarian Bridal Rose Serving bowl, a Rogers Brothers/Burke and Wallace Stainless Steel Plated Goblets, still in their original box!  I also bid and won on something else for Kim for Christmas but can’t state what because she snoops!



I mainly buy to resell but I have bought a few small kitchen appliances I wanted too.  I needed a new crockpot.  I have apparently crocked a few times too many.  I found a brand new one, in box for $7!


I found a nice Chevy Karabiner watch for my husband to clip on to his work pants and I bought a pair of Crystal base lamps we are going to redo the shades on for the “Craft Room!”

Kim and my son-in-law have decided to start decorating their new apartment with Chinese décor.  On one auction I found a really nice Chinese fan but I forgot to check the measurements listed in the auction.  I am starting to think I bought them a Chinese fan looking hunting blind lol.  That’s how big this thing is!  I think at last measurement it was weighing in at a gigantic 48 x 54 inches…..Oops! And a “lot” of Figurines so they could have the three Buddha that were included lol!

I found Pewter Beer Steins with dragons on them that I bid on and won for my son and Kim’s hubby for Christmas.

I even found some canning items for when we start our jellies, jams, pickles and whatever else we are making for the “Preserves Baskets” we make everyone each year for Christmas!


Now, lets talk furniture.  I have seen some beautiful vintage/antique furniture on these sites. Furniture almost anyone would love to have in their homes and a fraction of what you would pay in an antique dealers store!

I am looking for a nice, farmhouse sort of buffet to replace the one we have so that we can paint and girly up the one we have now for our craft room.  It will make great storage with fancy boxes and bottles and things like that to store/hide all of our craft supplies! While I love the buffet/hutch I have now, I can’t wait to find a new one and to repurpose this one!

I honestly don’t think there is anything you CAN’T find at one of these auctions and they are all over the place.  I have found one auction site that lists auctions in both Canada and the USA and they all have beautiful things.  Anything from what I have mentioned about to coin/stamp collections, jewelry, both costume and real, wood items to paint, clothing, kitchen supplies, yard supplies, sometimes even vehicles.

As you can see from the abundance of pictures above, I am truly addicted to online auction content sales.  I am so glad I found the one that got me started.

If you have never checked out one of these sites before and are looking for even one little thing, you are missing out and need to find one straight away.

Did I mention the ones I frequent are online, meaning I can bid in my pajamas if I so desire!  If that’s not the main selling point, I am not sure what will be!!!!

I will attach a few pictures of some of the items I have bid on and won for you to enjoy!




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