Spring has Sprung…. Finally!

It is finally Spring!  I was starting to wonder if we were ever going to dig out of the 3 feet or more of snow we got this winter!  Have I mentioned I hate snow lol? Although, if you look at the picture below, this is the view at around 6:30 in the morning from our decks one winter day…make that cold winter day lol,  it does have some pros I guess.

It is so nice now to look outside and see green instead of white!  To have all the windows and doors open and have nice, fresh air coming in the house.  This instead of opening and closing the doors as quickly as possible to avoid letting the frigid air in!

The grass seems to get greener each day, my lilacs are starting to bloom and it won’t be long until the beautiful flowers on the apple trees blossom!  Everything is so fresh and clean smelling and you are just dying to get outside for any reason!

I am not a gardener by any means of the word.  I have a literal Black Thumb.  If I plant it, touch it, look at or anything that comes close to being near a plant, I kill it.  I don’t understand it, well, that’s not true.  I am pretty sure once you plant something you have to keep watering for longer than a week!  I took the chance today and moved some Tiger Lilies that were taking over our Septic Tank Access Garden lol….yes, we have one of those! That is one of my projects this spring/summer.

*I am thinking about putting a large, thin circular piece of wood or metal over it and painting it like I did the Koi Pond Rock I painted for my mother-in-law for Christmas for her garden!  What do you think?*


Koi Rock

The weather had me so upbeat today that this is what I put on Chris’ dinner plate as a joke! I couldn’t help myself!


In the country, where I live, it is a great time to be out and about.  On one of the farms around the corner from us there are 2 new baby horses, the ducks are in the field beside us looking for somewhere to lay their eggs, the cows will be calving soon and the smell of hay and manure will permeate everything.  I know, to some of you the thought of that smell makes you want to plug your nose but up here it is fragrant. I can’t wait to go introduce myself to the babies.

Even our Redneck Lawn Ornament Tractor Garden had Tiger Lilies starting to bloom in it! I love Tiger Lilies.  I don’t have to do anything to them, they come back year after year and I haven’t managed to kill them yet lol!  Yet.


I keep telling Chris that there is such a thing as John Deere Pink and that we should paint the tractor that colour.  No go!  Same thing goes for painting one of his empty air compressor tanks like a giant Minion and putting that in a garden.  He says I can paint whatever I want on it, but he doesn’t want it in the garden… especially out front lol.  I don’t understand.  I love Minions!

It was 20+ degrees today and sunny, just a great day.  I couldn’t help writing about it and taking some pictures around the yard.  I also ended up distracted as I walked around the property, picking out rocks I could paint, pinecones I could turn into who knows what, all sorts of things to get the creative juices going.

Dillon helped me put the patio furniture out on the back deck so we can now sit outside comfortably and enjoy the great weather we are fortunate enough to be having right now.

When I wasn’t outside pretending I could garden, I was working on finishing up the garden ornaments I started last summer! I will be doing posts on all of them as soon as they are completed!  A few might require a trip to the local dollar store…. such a pity!

AND, on top of the wonderful weather, the creative juices being revved up, today has been the best day we have had since we started our blog over a month ago for views, likes and comments!  So thank you all for visiting our blog and helping to motivate us to continue allowing you this little peek into our lives!

Wherever you are, I hope you embrace Spring and make the most of the upcoming weather!




7 thoughts on “Spring has Sprung…. Finally!

  1. Everyone in the North gets excited around Spring and when you live with cold for many months it is little wonder. I love the cold, and the snow, but I live in a sub -tropical country. Shall we swap when it is winter again for you? LOL!

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