Melted Bead Sun Catcher – Fail

I saw something like this a long time ago.  It stated it was a kid friendly craft when I saw it and figured it was just my speed right now lol.  Boy was I wrong!

It should have been as easy as dumping bags of plastic pony beads into a spring form pan and melting this in the oven.  Not so, at least not for me.


So, this is what I did!

I thought, in my infinite wisdom, that if the regular transparent pony beads looked so nice in the picture I saw, why not add some of the metallic pony beads I had as well to add some sparkle.  Bad idea, very bad idea.  The metallic beads do not melt 😦  as you can see in the picture below.


The other thing, that never even crossed my mind, was the smell.  I suppose because it really is just that, the whole house smelled of burned plastic.  Very unpleasant.  It was/is so bad that, now 2 days later, my husband, very nicely, asked me to please not attempt this in the house again lol.  He suggested doing it outside in a pizza oven or something….hmm, not a bad idea!

While the concept does work in theory, as you can see by looking at it from the side that was on the bottom of the pan (pictured below), I definitely would not recommend doing this indoors.  Kids can certainly help by dumping the beads into the spring form pan and tying the ribbon on when it’s done,  but that, to me,  is about the extent of them being able to help.


This is another of those projects that while plausible (lol, like my Mythbusters reference?), I am really not sure I would try it again unless I was doing it outside…. and definitely without adding those damn metallic pony beads.  You can see how nice the regular beads melted and if I had stuck with just that it might even look semi-presentable.

Because of the holes left by the unmelted metallic pony beads, I have no lack of places I can thread the ribbon through to hang my ugly sun catcher.

In defense of my failed attempt, it really does catch the sun (just look below) … I just wouldn’t look too close because then you see the ugly unmelted beads lol.


I will probably hang it in a tree in the yard and let the cows enjoy it up close while we enjoy it (and I use that phrase loosely) from afar!

The Cows, and future Recipients of My Ugly Sun Catcher lol!

Now it’s time to get back to the Garden crafts I started last summer and never did finish!

I have a Black Thumb, and couldn’t grow anything to save my life, so I am counting on colourful crafts to brighten up my really boring, flowerless garde


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