Wine Glass Lamp Shade


We made these a few years ago to go into Spa Baskets we made for Christmas gifts, with homemade “Spa” products.  I thought they were very cute and with some help I think they are something kids could make for Mother’s Day.

NOTE: Only use Flameless Tea Light Candles in these. A real candle will melt the plastic cup and could result in fire!

This is most of what I used to make them.  I couldn’t find my “trim” when I took the original pictures so it is not in the pics.




The first thing you need to do is cut the bottoms off of your plastic cup (this is where the kids will require help), I used one of what Chris calls his Clear Solo Cups lol.

Now you want to use the tape to cover up the edges where you just cut, just to ensure there are no sharp edges and to give a cleaner look to the cut.




The next thing you are going to do is to “base paint” the cups.  I am also painting the stems of the wine glasses with a nice glitter paint to bling them up a bit!  Imagine that!




When the base coat, and wine glasses are dry if you are painting them, it’s time to personalize the cups/lampshades. Paint whatever you like on them.  Paint something Mom likes or customize it to your own décor if you are keeping it for yourself.



I decided to go with a Sunflower, Roses and a Plaid heart! Kind of rough but they are still cute lol.

Once you have painted it to your liking, you will want to put a quick coat of sealer on it so your artwork doesn’t flake off! And then it’s time to decorate them a bit!

On mine, I decided I wanted some “Trim” at the bottom of my shades.  I found this really cool beaded trim at the Dollar Store I thought would finish it off nicely.



Using your glue gun, attach the trim to the inside of the top of the cup/bottom of your lamp shade.  You can also add sequins, Washi tape or anything else you like to decorate your lamp shade.

Now it’s assembly time.  Place the lamp shade on your wine glass and turn on the flameless tea light candle and you have your very own Wine Glass Lamp Shade to enjoy or to gift!




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