The Making of a Baby Blanket, Part 1


I seem to be at the age where babies are everywhere! Friends, coworkers, etc. – it would take more than one hand to count the number of people I know that are pregnant or with a newborn.

New to crocheting but always interested in making things for others – this has inspired me to try to make a baby blanket. I made a security blanket when my one friend’s baby was born in March but I’m looking to try a bigger project this time and make a full baby blanket.

My end goal is to make two blankets, one for a coworker/friend who is pregnant and expecting soon, one for the previously-mentioned friend whose little guy is turning two month’s old. I’ve yet to decide if I’m going to make the same type of blanket for each.

As I mentioned, I’m quite new to crocheting. My mom tried to show me how to crochet a few times before but I never really got into it. Last September, I decided that I was going to try to crochet a scarf for my mom for her birthday (in December) as a surprise. She has made so many things for my brother and I through the years, I thought a crocheted scarf would be a nice gift. Thanks to YouTube videos and other blogs, I retaught myself everything my mom taught me about crocheting. I even learned how to add in a second ball of wool when the first ran out.

It took me 2.5 months to make that first project. Since then, I’ve made a couple more scarves (including a Pikachu scarf for my friend’s daughter) and the security blanket. These blankets will be the biggest things I’ve created yet.

My first blanket is like an extended version of the security blanket that I made. I like the way the granny square looks and thought it would be a logical progression for me as a new “crocheter”. Right now, I’m in the “what was I thinking” phase as I realize just how much work these blankets are going to take. I thought it was the best time to take a break and celebrate what I’ve finished thus far.

I chose a thin baby blanket wool since the blankets will be used in late spring/early summer.

I needed a bit of a refresher on how to get started so I followed the instruction at this site.

I was excited that with a quick refresher from the above site, I was able to get started without an issue.


The Internet is a phenomenal thing if you’re trying to pick up a new skill. I’ve found YouTube particularly helpful because I can stop and re-watch as many times as I need to. There is also countless articles to help you find the instructions that make the most amount of sense for you. I found the above-mentioned site helpful because there are so many pictures to compare what I’m doing and ensure I’m on the right track.

My mom is also a great resource (now that I’m not hiding my secret birthday scarf for her). She’s offered me a Skype lesson and I send pictures through text as I work on each project. I actually had to call on mom as I started working on these blankets. I knew I screwed up somewhere but couldn’t find it. My mom helped me undo the crochet to the right part so that I could fix it and continue.

My blanket is currently about teddy bear-sized (or stuffed monkey-sized since I have more monkeys than bears) but I am going to keep working on it. Thankfully, since neither person knows I’m making these blankets for their little ones, I have some flexibility in time.



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