May the 4th – Episode #2

“Truly wonderful, the mind of a child is.”  ,,,,, Yoda, Attack of the Clones

Do you like my “Episode” reference lol?  The space geek in me just can’t help it!  Do you have a favourite Star Wars Episode?

Apparently being such a space geek is hereditary.  Kim (and hubby) are both space and comic book nerds and Dillon is a semi nerd.  In his infinite wisdom one day, he admitted to me that he heard something on the radio one morning, a call in show, asking people to call in with their best Wookie impersonation.  He proceeded to tell me about how he had been practicing lol.  Not to call in, but just to see if he could do it!  I of course spread the story through out the family… again.  He has a habit of telling me embarrassing things he probably shouldn’t considering my sense of humour!!! Poor guy lol!

Ok, back to May the 4th…. today’s Episode will be making Pool Noodle Light Sabers!  Another very easy, kid friendly, Star Wars craft.  I am sure the kids would enjoy “battling” with these in nice weather…and in saying kids, I am not designating an age group!


This craft takes only a few supplies and other than a pool noodle (unless you are like us lol), probably have on hand!

You will need 1 pool noodle (unless you are making more than 2 of them), some duct tape and Sharpie Markers.

Again, I took advantage of Chris being home sick (see I told you it was kid friendly lol), and had him wrap the base of the pool noodle with the duct tape again, like I did for our May the 4th –  Episode #1 craft .  You are taping just enough for a “handle.”


That was the hard part!  Now it is just personalizing. I used a combination of different coloured duct tape and the markers to dress up my handles.  Let the kids get creative and make the handle theirs…. and yes, if you have a budding Leia on your hands, by all means add sparkles!!!!  We love sparkles!


I even convinced Dillon to don a “Battle Stance” and model one for me, although it was a stipulation that his actual face and body not be in the shot.  For some reason, he thinks I may be giving our readers the impression that he is a little bit on the crazy side lol.  I told him not to worry, that they have likely already figured that out about his mother and they will just assume it’s hereditary!


Happy (safe) Light Saber Battles and Happy May the 4th!  From our Planet to yours!!!


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