Have a SUPER weekend – Free Comic Book Day!


Comics are so popular in our house that even our cat Felix loves superheroes! Here’s Felix admiring his mommy’s superhero colouring!

With May the 4th behind us in a galaxy far, far away, the fun for this nerdy gal’s week is far from over. Tomorrow, Saturday, May 6th, is one of my favourite days of the year: Free Comic Book Day!

What’s Free Comic Book Day? Free Comic Book Day is the first Saturday each May when local comic book shops offer several comic book titles for FREE. Along with these free comics, many comic book shops host other events along with their free comics – guest appearances and signings, etc.

Since many stores also host sales for Free Comic Book Day, it is ironically one of the most expensive comic book buying days of the year for me and my hubby. One of our local comic book shops has bins of dollar comics that we spend hours searching through to complete our collections. It’s a great day for new or seasoned comic book readers to start or build a comic book library.

Interested in learning what comics will be available for free? If your local comic book store is participating? Or any other comic fun? Visit the Free Comic Book Day website to learn more.

In addition to visiting our local comic book shops (we usually visit at least four stores each Free Comic Book Day), we will also be watching the new Guardians of the Galaxy movie and finding time for a comic book-themed craft as well.

Since our blog focuses on DIY/crafting, I wanted to share some ways that you can raise your Free Comic Book Day fun for a full-day affair with other comic-themed fun.

I haven’t yet decided what our Free Comic Book Day craft will be but wanted to share some fun superhero-themed crafts I’ve found while searching for ideas. Here’s five Free Comic Book Day crafts that you can integrate into your super awesome Free Comic Book Day:

1)      Superhero Puppet Craft made from popsicle sticks: http://www.messylittlemonster.com/2016/05/superhero-puppet-craft-for-kids.html. If you’re looking for a simple, kid-friendly craft with easy to acquire materials, why not create superhero puppets from popsicle sticks? You can recreate classic comic book characters or design your very own superhero.

2)      Superhero String Art: http://www.secondchancesgirl.com/2015/04/diy-captain-america-string-art.html?spref=pi What a cool idea – a Captain America string art shield! If your children are a bit older or you’re looking to try out some comic book fun yourself, why not try out this awesome craft? If you’re more of a DC fan, you could try Batman’s or Wonder Woman’s logos instead.

3)      Superhero Felt Masks: http://www.willowandstitch.com/bloghistory/superhero-mask-pdf-patterns. Who doesn’t want to be a super hero? Help your little one dress up for Free Comic Book Day with a superhero felt mask!

4)       Comic Book Letters: http://itutorial.org/how-to-make-comic-book-letters/. Looking to add some comic book fun into your house? What about some comic book letters? Spell your name, your family name, or anything else! You can have a collage of different types of comic book characters or choose one theme for each letter. Perhaps you want each letter to be dedicated to a different Avenger or Justice League character? Have fun with it!

5)      Superhero painted rocks: http://craftingdiycenter.com/hero-painted-rocks-captain-america-batman-spiderman-superman-the-hulk-iron-man-facebook-compaintedpandadesigns/. Realistically, you could paint anything with superheroes… rocks, clay pots, paper, etc. Painting is a fun craft regardless of your age and skill level, adding in comic book heroes makes it even better.

There are always so many things that you can do to take a simple day or event (like Free Comic Book Day or the launch of a new superhero movie) and turn it into a fun-filled day of theme-related crafts, recipes, etc.

These are just some of my ideas for Free Comic Book Day – what will you be doing?!





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