Happy Comic Book Day

Every year there is a Free Comic Book Day, and with the “kids” penchant for comic books, free or not, Kim and I decided we should post about it.


What a great reason to plan a Family Day with your kids…. a free comic book at a participating location, and maybe follow it up with a Superhero movie night! Pick yours or your kids favourite Superhero movie and then Pinterest has thousands of Superhero themed ideas… make a day and night of it! You will be the Superhero for the day!

I will admit it.  I have never in my life read a comic book.  Growing up, to me they were more for boys.  I preferred actual books lol.  And no, I am not stuck up, I just didn’t realize what I was missing !

Kim and my son-in-law are die hard comic book nerds…. oops, fans and they have more or less introduced me to the various comic book franchises.  I still can’t get it straight most of the time which ones are say Marvel and which are DC Comics but I enjoy the TV Shows and the Movies.  Some more than others…..

What really got me hooked were some of the “heroes” lol.  Come on ladies, how could we be missing out on heroes like Thor (my all time favourite, for obvious reasons) and Arrow, or the Green Arrow as he is now called. “I need a hero!”

Apparently there are even a lot special effects in the movies and shows lol!!! I might have to re-watch them…. again!

In all seriousness, Chris and I have come to enjoy a variety of these shows.  We are avid watchers of The Flash, Arrow, DC Legends of Tomorrow, Gotham, Marvel Agents of Shield and others and have really enjoyed the Avengers movies and all the take offs from them.

I have also found myself taking on a number of Comic book character crafts as gifts for my son-in-law.  Whether it be a Marvel handmade tie, various pieces of wall “art” or whatever, I have become very familiar with most aspects of the comic book world, their logos and such.

Whenever they say they are attending a Comic Con, or one of these Free Comic Book Days, I always make sure to ask if they are taking “Leonard and Sheldon” lol. They enjoy it and it is something they can share!

Kim said she is going to upload a few (hopefully only a few) pictures of things I have made for Codey over the years and I promised her I would try to do one Wonder Woman craft just for her before Comic Book Day.  (Maybe I should just take a picture of nothing and tell her I made Wonder Woman’s jet lol?)

I will update this post once I do my promised Wonder Woman project!

Note: I don’t know where this week has gone,  but it’s sure looking like I am doing the invisible jet project 😳 lol!

Kim on the other hand, kept her promise and sent some pictures of the “Nerd” Art I have done for her hubby over the years. Please see below! 

And this is part of the reason I chose to do Deadpool for the stool for Codey! 



5 thoughts on “Happy Comic Book Day

  1. I believe you never read a comic book! Boy did you miss out. But it seems like you have made up for it. Leonard and Sheldon are my heroes 🙂 And just about any animated movie – love ’em. Oh – and Avatar 🙂

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