Homemade Febreeze

I know, not a very exciting post but one I thought still worthy of sharing.  I was making another batch of Homemade Febreeze this morning and thought I would share it with you.  It is super fast to make, you likely have what you need on hand, and unlike some of the awful flowery scents fabric refreshers come in, this one makes your whole house smell like clean laundry!


This is everything I used to make my fresh batch of Homemade Febreeze, well except for the water!


All you need to do is pour about 1 inch of Fabric Softener, any brand or fragrance into your spray bottle. (I have seen, and tried where some places also add a fabric softener sheet but I honestly don’t know what difference that makes AND the sheet kept stopping my sprayer from working properly)


Then fill the bottle the rest of the way with warm water.


Put the lid back on, shake it around a bit to combine (the foam will dissipate after a while) and you have your very own Fabric refresher that smells just fresh laundry!

Stick a label on it so you remember what it is (especially if you are as forgetful as I am right now) and you are good to go spray all your furniture, curtains, carpet or whatever fabric you want to “refresh.”

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