Soap Making – Part #2

Today I decided to play with soap again lol.  It is a novelty being able to do a “craft” project and end up cleaner than you started!

This time I decided to experiment with a few different things.  I wanted to try a sort of marble effect, adding a different colour accent to the soap and the addition of other ingredients/additive type things…

I started out the same, using melt and pour soap base, this time I used a Goat’s Milk soap base. I am using a Vanilla Raspberry Fragrance oil with pink colouring and a Cucumber Melon Fragrance Oil with Purple food colouring.


I did everything the same as last time.  I chopped up about 1/4 pound of the goat’s milk soap base (it was a little harder to chop than the glycerin soap, but still easy enough to do) into about 1 inch chunks. I then put these in my microwave safe measuring cup.

Now I put them in the microwave for 1 1/2 minutes, stirring every 30 seconds until it is melted, just don’t let it boil.

Once it was melted I added my fragrance oil (about 1 tsp.) and my food colouring.  For the pink I only used about 6 drops and for the purple I used about 12 drops to get the colours I wanted.


This is where the experimenting began…. I started out with a round, paw print soap mold, then I put about 4 or 5 drops of the food colouring into the molds I was using before I poured the melted soap base in it.  I was trying to see if I could get a marble effect going.  As soon as I poured the soap base in I could see the colour start to swirl in the base.  It actually looked pretty cool!  That is one experiment that worked out pretty well lol!

Now I will have some pretty pink paw print soaps for my Mother-in-law for Mother’s Day! This is a picture of them still in the mold.  I turned it over ever so carefully to try to get a picture.


For the next experiment I used a mixed shape soap mold with different insects in it.  I had a little bit of the pink soap base still melted enough to pour, so I added about 4 more drops of food colouring to make it a bit brighter and I poured it just into the cavity portion that highlighted the insects.  I put that aside to set a bit while I melted the next batch of soap base.

I added about 12 drops of the purple, some cucumber melon fragrance oil, some chamomile powder and I dropped some dried hibiscus flowers on top of the insects.

I poured the soap base directly on top of the pink insect portion as well as the hibiscus flowers.  They sort of floated where they wanted but you can still see them throughout the soap.


Not too bad, although looking at them quickly, it sort of looks like there are actual bugs in them lol!  It thankfully looks better in real life!

They all smell so good. I had a tiny bit of the darker pink soap base so I just poured it into one of my measuring bowls, added some of the hibiscus flowers and just set it aside for myself!


I will take another pictures when they are all fully set but I think my ma-in-law will love them.

Tomorrow I am going to try to make some bath bombs to go in the gift!




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