Bath Bombs  – Part #1

And since it went fairly well, there will be a Part #2 lol.

I was really concerned when I started these.  I have read many horror stories about them disintegrating, not sticking together,  sticking to everything they aren’t supposed to and more! I will admit, I did have the sticking to everything problem… well, at least sticking to the molds!


This is everything I assembled to make these:

I ordered most of the ingredients online.  The only thing I forgot to get was some kind of “oil.” After getting it all out to make I thought I was going to have to wait for another day.  But, low and behold, I found some baby oil. It’s oil, so why not?

The first thing to do is to mix up your dry ingredients.  I mixed up 1 Cup of baking soda, 1/2 Cup of citric acid,  1/2 cup kosher salt  (I didn’t have any sea salt or Epsom 😳) and 1/2 Cup of corn starch.

To this I added my crushed rose petals.  ( I’m thinking they might be a bit of a pain when it comes time to drain the tub…oops).

Now it was time to add some oil, fragrance oil, colouring and water.  Because I was using gel colouring, I diluted it into warm water so it would colour evenly.  I used a ratio of about 6 drops of gel to 2 Tbsp of water, and I used approximately 8 drops of fragrance oil.

Even though I knew I was adding the water to baking soda, I still didn’t think it would fizz at that point lol,  but it did. Only a little.

I started out with 2 Tbsp of the baby oil.  That slowly turned into about a 1/4 cup of it to make the mixture moist enough to “clump.”

Then came the mold issue.  I had no problem jamming the mixture into the mold and forcing them together, the problem came with getting it out of the mold.  There was no way I had the patience to wait however long in between for each one to dry enough to pop them out.  I had to improvise!

I started off thinking I would line the mold with plastic wrap and just keep popping them out and drop it on the plate.  But, then I decided I would use separate plastic wrap for each one! Less mess when the little bits that don’t stick fall off! 💡

Then I ever so patiently let them sit undisturbed overnight.  (Not really.  I gave them a little poke every time I walked by to see if they were actually setting or crumbling)

Believe it or not, it worked!  I had read about how many batches of ingredients some people went through before they finally got the right consistency.  Somehow I nailed it first try!  I’m sure I’ll pay for that next time around 😕.

Here they are.  Finished,  just not wrapped up yet.  I will update pictures once they are wrapped!


6 thoughts on “Bath Bombs  – Part #1

    • It was all I could think of at the time. Well, I first thought of cooking spray but I am pretty sure we don’t want something like that in the bath! This worked well and it was a whole lot tidier as well. I don’t know how you are expected to get them out of the molds, other than to have a whole pile of them and let the bombs dry right in them?


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