Our Mother’s Day Lunch 

Okay, I am completely exhausted, but I DID get everything done for tomorrow… somehow! Food is ready, house is clean and all my Sunday “chores” are done too! I can just relax and enjoy Mother’s Day with my kids, husband and in-laws! Can’t wait.

BUT before I relax, I wanted to show off all the “pretty” food I made for tomorrow. Kim is going to do her own post of all the yummy food she has made for tomorrow.

Here is the lowdown on my side of the menu. Thank you Pinterest for having such awesome ideas to make our lunch a success!


I am just going in post pictures today of my finished product lol…. with links to where I found these great ideas.  There are a few that I will do a breakdown of how it went, but not until next week!

First up is a Turkey and Swiss crescent roll, roll up sort of biscuit?  I don’t really know what to call it but it sure smelled delicious when I made it.  The original pin that I saw was for a Ham roll but I decided to go with turkey.

Credit: http://www.delish.com/cooking/recipe-ideas/recipes/a51423/ham-and-cheese-pinwheels-recipe/

Next up is Pepper Roses.  These are so cute but I did not have fun making them.  I ended up with jalapeño juice in both my eye and my burn!  I am sure everyone will enjoy these and they look so great on a plate!


Credit:  http://postila.ru/post/20338121

Now it was time for me to try my hand at Strawberry Roses.  The first one turned out better than the rest but they still impressed me lol! I added them on the same plate as the pepper roses with some cucumbers and chives.



Credit: http://ashandcrafts.com/strawberry-roses/

I saw these cute “sandwiches” that were egg salad on top of a cucumber.  I decided to take that idea but to use tuna on them, just because I really like tuna! I just decorated the plate with some cherry tomatoes and fresh dill.  I LOVE the smell of fresh dill!


Credit: https://www.honeyandbirch.com/egg-salad-cucumber-canape/

Then I made some roll up sandwiches with Tramezzini bread.  I can remember pretty much ever baby or wedding shower I went to when I was younger served these!  These are just flavoured cream cheese spread on the Tramezzini bread, rolled around either gherkin or maraschino cherries.  They taste great and look really cute instead of regular sandwiches!


Almost done…. two things to go.  Next I made another plate of Deviled Eggs just because I wanted another excuse to use the cute egg plate Kim bought for me lol!


I made some of the Tomato Tulips I found.  I had been very excited to try those so I left them to the end, as a sort of finale treat to myself! Aren’t they so cute?  I also tried my hand at a little strawberry butterfly.  That didn’t turn out so well but I still put it on the plate!


Credit: http://onelittleproject.com/cherry-tomato-tulips/

Credit: https://www.honeyandbirch.com/egg-salad-cucumber-canape/

And that is my side of the Mother’s Day Lunch menu.  It is very difficult knowing all of THAT is in my fridge and we can’t eat it until tomorrow!

I hope that everyone has a wonderful Mother’s Day tomorrow!



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