Our Mother’s Day Lunch Update

Well, we did it! We pulled it off and I think we even did it without a hitch.  Shame the rest of the days events didn’t go as well!

We had a wonderful lunch, everyone ate way too much,  Chris and my father-in-law, Randy, went out on their planned 2017 Maiden Voyage on the fishing boat  (a maiden voyage that a Three Stooges episode couldn’t rival and would require another whole post lol!), Codey, Kim’s husband wasn’t feeling well and we had a bonfire, in the pouring rain! Pretty much everyone ended up soaking wet by one method or another!

It was actually a really good day, with memories we will definitely always remember! Some of us (Chris and Randy), will be because it is held over their heads as blackmail for our silence for years to come lol!

I am just going to add a few pictures from today of how the Mother’s Day Lunch spread looked.  One picture isn’t the greatest but still gives you an idea!






On the right, at the back you can see Leroy, the hound, keeping watch over the back yard.  Although as guard dogs, all they would succeed in doing is licking a layer of skin off any “intruder” because if they are here, they must be there to visit him or Kita lol!




And here is Kita, faithfully watching over the rather large bonfire, when it wasn’t actually pouring rain for 30 or 40 seconds!


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