The Making of a Baby Blanket, Part 2

I will be posting my contribution to this week’s clay pot crafts tomorrow but thought I would provide an update on my blanket this weekend also. The past few weeks have been busy with work but I’ve been trying to use my free time to continue working on my first baby crochet blanket for my friend. This is where I’m at right now:


Since I started this blanket, initially with the plan to make two blankets, two more friends have shared that they are pregnant. This means that I now have plans to make four baby blankets this year! By the time I have children, I’ll be making these blankets in my sleep! To keep things fun and to continue learning, I’m hoping to try new things with each blanket I make.

As this is the first blanket, I’ve kept it simple. I started with the granny square, which I am familiar with from making a comfort blanket a few months ago. I am continuing to work row by row. I’m about ¾ of the way through the body of the blanket and I will then start working on a border. I’ve yet to decide exactly how I want the border to look but I have narrowed down to a few ideas. Since I’m just switching from my first to second ball of wool, I thought it was an appropriate time to post an update. I will be moving along with the last ¼ of the body and the border quickly as my friend is having her baby shower on June 3.

I mentioned in my previous blanket post how valuable it has been to have the Internet to teach me how to do new crochet projects. When I made my first crochet project last fall, I needed to learn how to add a new ball of yarn to my project (since it was a surprise project for my mom). I found this tutorial helpful in teaching me how to add a new ball of yarn:

Once I learned how to add a new ball of yarn, it was easy to learn how to add new balls of yarn with difference colours for the comfort blanket I made before. Here is a picture I took while working on that blanket:


I look forward to sharing what new things I learn while adding the border around the blanket. Stay tuned!



5 thoughts on “The Making of a Baby Blanket, Part 2

  1. This blanket is coming out really nice for a first blanket! I have crocheted my whole life but after I discovered YouTube tutorials my creativity has gone through the roof!! I feel like there is nothing that I can’t crochet now! Can’t wait to see how you finish this up! 😀

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