Repurposed Coffee Can – Chicken Coffee Canister

I’m starting to think this week should have been designated a “repurposing” week instead of Mason Jar Crafts Week since I have only finished one Mason Jar craft so far this week!

I have two of those on the go, so stay tuned.  For now….

I have been accumulating coffee cans for us to repurpose in the craft room to hold all the crap/craft supplies we have.

While I was sitting around waiting for a service technician to fix my internet yesterday, I thought I would get to work on a coffee can I had base painted to replace the one I keep our coffee in now.  The paint on that one is starting to peel so it’s time for a new one!




There are no pictures of the supplies I used because other than the coffee can I only needed my paint/paintbrushes!

The first thing,  as usual, was to base paint it. That’s why I like more than one project on the go lol! Less waiting!

I’m not sure why but I chose a dark turquoise colour as my base.

I based it with everything else 😳.



When all 3 coats of base paint were dry, I drew on my pattern.  I decided to go with a cute chicken!


As you can see,  my chicken is now drawn out on the can. I still want to add eggs and maybe some straw, but I will have to add that on after.

Now it was time to base paint the actual chicken.  I’m doing “her” black, white and red!




Looking good so far!  This is where I get to “play” and make her pop!  I used “dots” for decorating her.  Just white on the black portions, a very pale yellow on her head and dot flowers on her wing.

Next was adding a bit of shading and edging on the eggs and here and there and giving her an eye!

I also added a few pieces of “straw” just to dress it up a bit!

Once all that was finished, I just had to add a few coats of sealer so the paint doesn’t start to peel off the can when we start to use it.




And that’s my Repurposed Chicken Canister.  I will use it to keep our coffee in to replace the one I painted years ago!

Note: For the lid, so far all I have done is to paint it black.  I am still contemplating adding a puffy fabric top to it. I will update with photos if I do anything other than the plain black lid!



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