The Making of Baby Blanket Finale – and Future (Quick) Crochet Project Plans

I hoped to join my mom this week in making some quick crochet projects but after finishing my first baby blanket (the biggest thing I’ve made so far) this week, my hands seem to be all crocheted out.

I started working on some smaller projects with some of the leftover wool that I have from past projects without success – my hands wouldn’t cooperate and I seemed to have lost the ability to count. I thought it would be best to check in with a final update on my blanket, which I gifted to my friend yesterday at her baby shower, and share some of the smaller crochet projects I hope to work on in the next couple weeks before jumping into my next baby blanket, which is set to be even bigger than the one I just finished.

Here it is! My first crochet baby blanket – which started with a granny square and after going round and round and round and round so many times that I lost count, was finished with a simple shell edging. Is it super fancy? Nope. Did I want to quit halfway through? Absolutely. But it was worth every second of frustration and doubt. I gifted it yesterday along with a picture and poem I made (in lieu of a card).

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You can see the project almost completed (above) while I was working on the shell edging, then my monkey returns again (for size reference) to show just how big the blanket has gotten since the last time I checked in, and the final blanket wrapped up for gifting.

So what’s next in crocheting for me? My goal thus far has been to learn something new with each project. My first project was a single crochet scarf for my mom. After that, I made a more detailed Pikachu scarf for my friend’s daughter (adding in some other shapes, like a circle), from there I made a second single crochet scarf where I added in a second colour, then a double crochet scarf, a ball for my cat, a granny square comfort blanket with an owl, and then this baby blanket with its shell edging. I’ve done all of this within the past 9 months.

I have plans to make another baby blanket, which will add in several new skills but wanted to first take a break and work on some smaller and simpler projects including:

·         Freezie cozies. I am a freezie/popsicle-aholic and I’ve seen so many cute ideas for a freezie holders/cozies.

·         A bookmark – I’ve found a few cute ideas but I am most interested in making a Harry Potter-inspired mini scarf bookmark that I found online.

·         Cat coasters. My friend is moving soon and she LOVES cats so I thought it would be cute to make her some cat coasters for her new place.

·         A bib. My friend, whom I’m making the next blanket for, is a huge Minions fan. I’m planning to make some Minion-inspired bibs for her. (I was able to find these on Etsy and Pinterest but wasn’t able to find a pattern link to share. I will definitely share once I create mine).

·         Navi! My husband loves the Legend of Zelda so I thought this would be a cute project to make for him.

·         And last but certainly not least – a crocheted Zero (from the Nightmare before Christmas) for me!

If I were to go back in time to even a year ago and tell myself that I would be able to make the above things (or even think of making them), I would have laughed. My mom had tried to show me how to crochet a few times before but I didn’t have the patience to stick with it. It was a spur of the moment decision to crochet a scarf for my mom for her birthday last year and it’s something I look forward to continuing doing.

If you’re thinking about picking up a new crafting hobby, it’s never too late. I’ve grown to find stress relief in crocheting and you may find the same.

I look forward to sharing my new quicker crochet stories and successes in the weeks to come.



3 thoughts on “The Making of Baby Blanket Finale – and Future (Quick) Crochet Project Plans

  1. The baby blanket came out lovely! I learned to crochet from my mother too – but that was decades ago. I think it’s wonderful how the two of you do all of this together! At this point my children don’t share my love of crochet – but they do love what I crochet for them!! They are all young adults now so I’m hoping that in a few years when they are bored with doing the exciting things that young adults do, they will ask me to teach them how to crochet!! 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    • I think that’s what does happen. Kim wasn’t interested, as she said, but just decided one day to try again. And she is glad she did. I learned to crochet around grade 5 from my mother as well…. and yes, that falls under the decades ago too lol. I enjoyed making things for my two when they were young and just gifts in general for everyone. It is a nice way to pass the time and I always think that when someone makes something for you, you know that they were thinking about you when they made it!

      Liked by 1 person

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