Homemade French Vanilla Cappuccino

There is nothing more I like than to have a nice hot French Vanilla Cappuccino after dinner with my flavoured cigars. (Mini cigars, not a big ass stogie lol!) Oh, and in my Minion mug, of course! 

I like the premade ones but they can be pretty expensive so I decided one day to make my own.  I looked at various recipes on Pinterest and combined what I saw into my own version!

I love this stuff!  I make it so often Chris actually complains…. French Vanilla … AGAIN???  He does drink it though lol!


Here is what I use to make it, things you would generally have in the cupboards already, except maybe for the French vanilla Coffee-Mate.


Now comes the hard part…. you pour everything into a jar, I use a big mason jar and then shake it up until everything is mixed together.


When you are ready for a nice French Vanilla Cappuccino, all you need to do now is put 2 or 3 Tbsp. of the mix into a mug, add some boiling water, stir and  you are good to go…. cigar or not!





4 thoughts on “Homemade French Vanilla Cappuccino

  1. Simpe steps for having such a cuppuccino cup hot drinks, but Vanilla I am not fully satisfied with. I am for whatever I choose, it is consumer’s taste. Therefore , I prefer to have mocha instead! 😉

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