Polymer Clay/Clay Week


This week we are moving on to Polymer Clay or Clay crafts.

I am not even sure how I ended up deciding to “play” with clay.  I would hazard a guess it was all the cool projects I saw on Pinterest.  What was the harm in trying just one, right?  Only that it didn’t end up being just one.  I am pretty sure that last Christmas everyone received something made of polymer clay lol!

Below I will attach pictures of some of the things I made for Kim last Christmas


I haven’t touched it in a while, just didn’t think of it until yesterday actually.  I was contemplating what to do for this week’s craft and originally I was going to venture into paper mache projects but I just wasn’t prepared enough to start that.  I was trying to think of what else I could do when I remembered this picture Kim sent me a while back of a hummingbird made from polymer clay and a pinecone!  It was the coolest thing.  I even saved a few pinecones so that I didn’t have to ask Dillon to chance poison ivy again lol!

My kids didn’t really play with Play Doh a lot as kids.  My guess is that it’s because of Dillon.  That child/man was just born hungry.  Every time I put out Play Doh for them to play with, he would eat it!!!  I tried making my own out of flour etc., but that just made the situation worse… he ate more of it! I guess they probably missed out on the fun it could be because Dillon thought it was meal time, not play time!

I still did the salt dough ornaments and such with them (thankfully that one was not to his taste), but that was probably the last time I had anything to do with dough or clay of any sort until I discovered the wonderful world of polymer!

I find it very versatile.  You can make stand alone items, you can add it to other things like a bottle or jar, you can make jewelry, items for your home… so many different things.

I don’t even recall what the first thing I made was but thankfully Kim has graciously agreed to take pictures of the items I made for her so that I can include them with this post!  After that I will start a few new projects to post here to show you how easy it is to work with and the wonderful gifts you can make with it!

Stay tuned for some really cute polymer clay projects coming this week!

Happy Crafting!


The cat is a polymer clay over glass perfume bottle, the teapot is polymer clay over a light bulb of all things and the tea cup is just clay, with an eye hook in the middle to hand if she wants.


I rolled up two colours to make a “cane” and cut those to get that multi colour look on the body.



This is a fairy house wind chime with polymer clay over a terra cotta clay pot.



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