Polymer Clay Cell Phone Holder 

Today I made a very simple clay cell phone holder. And I mean simple lol.
I also tried a bit of an experiment….



The cell phone holder is basically just polymer clay rolled out to about 1/4 inch,  cut into a rectangle, imprinted and then rolled.

I don’t have doilies or anything like that in our home so I had to come up with another idea.

As I stood looking around the kitchen for something to use I happened on my Russian icing tips that I still haven’t tried 😳.  I figured what could it hurt to try?

It worked!  I made rows using the icing tips and then used a wooden skewer to press lines between the rows.

I rolled it up and popped it into a 275 degree oven for 45 minutes,  then I turned the oven off and let it, and my experiment cool in there.

It still needs a coat of paint but it works.  Chris’ first words were something like “it’s a phone holder for utube so I don’t have to hold the phone the whole time ” lol. Sure!

I did a second one using a metal bbq skewer for texture!

Now for the experiment!  I’ve seen pictures of “cut outs” being applied to balloons using air dry clay,  and since I don’t have the patience for air dry clay I had to improvise.

I used my white polymer clay again, my dragonfly cookie cutter and a bowl.  It is very rough,  unfinished looking but at least I now know it is possible lol. I will definitely try this again.  Chris even suggested doing maple leaves for Canada’s 150th!  Hmm….

I decided to just paint this one black, it hides the multitude of sins lol!

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