Polymer Clay Chickens! 

Today was the day I finally decided to try to make some of those cute black and white chickens I’ve been seeing everywhere!


Believe it or not, I started out with a light bulb and molded the clay around it for the body of the chickens.  I’ve used a light bulb before when I made a little teapot out of an appliance bulb for Kim last Christmas!  They make a great base and technically it’s recycling!

Here is a pictorial of my step by step but more or less this is what I did.

I rolled out first the black and wrapped it around the bottom half of the light bulb,  smoothing it by rolling the bulb on your surface, then trimming it even all around.

Then I rolled out the white and then I used a flower shaped cookie cutter to get the scalloped edge.  I cut the flowers in halves and quarters to make the edge somewhat even where it met the black.

Next, I covered the rest of the top of the bulb with the white and used a black worm shaped in a circle for a bit more solid base and then the best part…. added all the details.

I just rolled balls of clay for the details, shaping them from that.

I baked it at 275 degrees for an hour then let it cool in the oven.

Once it was fully cooled, I put a quick coat of sealer on them and they were done.

Meet Henny and Penny,  my Polymer Clay Chickens!  (We used to have 3 real chickens, 2 hens and a Rooster I named Henny, Penny and Pimp lol) And yes, the one on the right IS supposed to be off centre a bit… kind of like me!


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