Polymer Clay Bangle

I will start off by admitting that I got so into “playing with clay,” that I didn’t take any during pictures while making this next project.  Sorry!

I made this for my Mother-in-law as a gift.  I will list the steps I took and then include pictures of the final outcome!



Okay, I started out with a metal bangle “blank” that I purchased a while ago.  I bought a few of them because I had every intention of making Dillon and Codey those cool men’s bracelets that are a dragon eye with scales, but didn’t end up getting to it…. last year…

I started by wrapping some silver clay all around the bracelet evenly.

Once it was fully covered, I used a small hand held colander to make the texture on the bracelet.  Again I was at a loss as to what to use to make a texture so I improvised.

This is where I started to make flowers to go on it. Some I just rolled a ball, attached it to the bracelet and just used the end of one of my clay tools to make an indent in it.

I made one with just a clay “disc” that I poked over and over with one of the pointy clay tools.

I made different coloured “leaves” by making the general shape and making the lines with a knife… and finally, I made some little Trillium like flowers by shaping white into tiny triangles and putting a little green ball of clay in the middle.

The only limits to clay are your imagination.  Pick up a ball of clay today, you will be amazed with what your mind can come up with!

Here are pictures of the bracelet from all sides so you can see the “flowers” up close!





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