Mexican Food Weekend – Part #2 – Baked Tacos

This time I found a recipe for Baked Tacos.  It is another easy recipe that I found at  I did not under any circumstances make the taco shells myself, that is beyond my level of patience right now, but they were still delicious, and yes, I did have to have one just to make sure what I was feeding “the boys” was good lol!


Again, here is what I started with. I stuck with the recipe except for the tomato sauce called for in the original recipe, I substituted that with salsa.


I browned the ground beef with the previous recipe so I was able to skip to the next step very quickly. I added the taco seasoning and refried beans (I love refried beans!) to the mixture and then the salsa.


Now for the hard part lol…. you can see I have the shells I used, Stand and Stuff ones, in the pan ready.  I purposely only made 7 so that I would only eat 1!  I figured 3 each for the boys along with the stuffed peppers was plenty! I “stuffed” the shells in the pan.  Told you it was the hard part!

All I had to do now was to smother them in grated cheese and then pop them in the oven with the stuffed peppers and we had our Saturday Night Mexican dinner!



Don’t they look yummy?


And here is the link to the original recipe:

I am sure you will enjoy this recipe as well as others she has on her blog!



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