Polymer Clay Week – Oops/Budget Kitchen Makeover Part# 1

Well, I didn’t get anything made yesterday or today for our Polymer Clay week. I apologize for that.  I will try to make up for it over the weekend! I did however manage to get something else done that I will share with you!

Part#1 of my Budget Kitchen Makeover is what I am going to share.


We had originally planned on doing a full on renovation, addition, etc. to the house, but with Kim’s (and ours, thanks to her bribing Chris lol) 5 year plan, Chris decided it wasn’t worth sinking that much money into this place if we will be moving in 5 years. But I still want to do a few things around here and the kitchen is one of those things.

That is what I decided to post about today.  I had planned on doing a series, in order, of my Budget Kitchen Makeover, but it looks like I am starting it now and it will not be in order because it will likely be a few weeks at least before I move on to the next step lol

Yesterday was finally time for finishing the backsplash of my kitchen. Woo hoo! I had spent the past week or two, off and on, removing the tile wallpaper I had applied shortly after we moved in.  When we moved here everything, and I mean everything almost was John Deere Green lol.  There was even that same paint on part of the wood on the cabinet doors!!!!  I spent about 2 weeks with a heat gun and a putty knife getting all of that paint off and then varethaning all of the doors! What a job that was!

This time I opted for that cool new brick wall peel and stick wallpaper.  The tile paper took what felt like forever to take down.  First the top layer and then watering down what was left and scraping it all off.  Fun wow!

Knowing Chris was going to be bringing home pizza for dinner I kept pushing so I could finish it.  Not wise in my current state but I am so happy that I finished it and so happy with how it looks that I suppose it was worth it.

This peel and stick paper was so much easier to apply than regular wallpaper.  You can place it and remove it until it is perfect.  Other than matching “bricks” it was pretty much just cut and hang, the only problem spot was the corner but only because it was awkward to reach.

Here is my semi before and my after pictures!

Before picture #1, part way through removing the old wallpaper.


Before Picture #2, all of the wallpaper is FINALLY down and in the garbage! Don’t you just love all of that John Deere Green paint?


After Pictures.  I so love my new brick wall!



What a difference from that dreary browny coloured wallpaper from before!

Next will be resurfacing the countertop… so stay tuned!


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