Mexican Food Weekend – Part #3 – Taco Pizza Rolls

Here is the final installment of my Mexican food weekend posts.  I was looking for a snack to make for everyone on Sunday afternoon and came across this recipe at and just had to try it!

Man, was it worth trying!  These are delicious!  A definite make again sort of thing!  It barely took Dillon 30 seconds to get to the kitchen when I told him what I had made lol… and with a computer in front of his face, that is quite the feat!



Again, I won’t go into a full recipe, I will just show you my step by step and then direct you to the original post where I found the recipe! As you can see, there are only 4 or 5 ingredients, and that I forgot to add an ingredient to the first picture…. as usual!

I already had enough ground beef/taco seasoned from the night before that I didn’t need to take that step, so it was clear sailing! And, I didn’t make my own pizza dough for it… (embarrassed face, but I killed my KitchenAid and need Chris to finish reviving it for me).

The first thing to do, if you haven’t already browned and seasoned your ground beef, is to roll out  the pizza dough (with the help of BARP!).  I rolled mine out to about a 10 x 15 rectangle.

I spread the sauce on it, added the ground beef mixture, added lots of cheese, rolled it, cut it and threw it in the oven!  It really is that easy!

Not only did they smell awesome cooking, they tasted great…. yes, I ate meat again…. and yes, I suffered again 😦 but they were so good lol!

Here they are fresh from the oven, with a bit of sour cream and a bit more cheese on them! Delicious!


And, as promised, here is where I found the recipe:


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