Polymer Clay Pendants

Today I’m trying to play catch up with the polymer clay.  I made 2 little pendants using metal “findings” and clay, and I’ve started tomorrow’s project as well!


The pendants I made today were quick and simple to make,  with only a few basic tools!

I will show you my step by step in pictures!

First I filled in the open portion of the findings.


White in one, gray for the other.


I started with the gray one.  I made little trailing flowers using little balls of clay and then using my cutting tool to make little indents in them, layering them one row on top of the other.



After this, I rolled up a few “worms” to curl and add as stems, and made my leaves.

I made my leaves by rolling out a ball of clay, shaping it into a leaf shape and then again using my cutting tool to mark veins in the leaves.



I added these leaves wherever I thought they would look good and that was all there is to that pendant.


Now for the white one.

I decided to go a little simpler with this one.  I made “worm” roses on this one.

First, I rolled out worms for the stems and added them to the base.




For the actual roses I just took a really long worm, wrapped it in a circle in the palm of my hand until it sort of resembled a rose, then attached it to the tops of the stems.

I made 3 little leaves, overlapping them at the bottom of the stems and that was all for this one!




I baked them both at 275 degrees for about a half hour and I will attach them to a chain or ribbon necklace when I know what I am doing with them or who I am giving them to!

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