Mad Button Art

This week’s craft is something that is fun for children or adults – button art!

I found a picture several weeks ago of the Cheshire Cat from Alice in Wonderland done in pink and purple buttons. As soon as I saw it, I knew I wanted to try to make one for myself. I started the craft last week but after growing frustrated trying to get my buttons just right, I gave up until today.

There’s a few things I would do differently if I were to create the craft again but overall, I’m happy with the outcome.



–          Board/paper

–          Pencil

–          Paint and Paint Brushes

–          Hot glue and Glue gun

–          Buttons
Step 1

I started by sketching a basic shape onto the board of the Cheshire Cat.


Step 2

I placed the buttons onto the board to see how many I needed and to move them around until I liked the layout. I took a picture of the cat and sent it to my mom for feedback because I was not originally happy with how it looked. My mom suggested that I paint the cat so that any spots that weren’t covered by buttons would at least show pink and purple.


Step 3

Per mom’s advice, I painted the cat pink and purple, painted the outline of the teeth black, and painted the words I’d added.


Step 4

Starting with the face, I started gluing buttons. I added pink buttons to the areas painted pink and purple buttons to the areas painted purple. They didn’t always line up perfectly but I tried to fit them as close as possible. If you’re making this craft with children, regular white glue should work just as well.


Step 5

I painted the background blue and green because the white background looked boring.


And that’s it!

I chose the Cheshire Cat to go along with all my other Alice in Wonderland items but you could try anything. It could be as simple as flowers and balloons or something more complex.

Reflecting on mine, I found the most difficult part was the eyes. I used white buttons for the eyes but felt like it could have used something slightly different. Something to remember for my next button art project!


8 thoughts on “Mad Button Art

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