Canada 150 Button Craft

When I saw this printable on, I just knew I had to make it for one of my Canada’s 150th Birthday projects!

How much cooler than a red maple leaf done in buttons?  Well, maybe, if you are a die hard Leafs fan like we are…. one done in blue?


The first thing I did was to actually print the FREE Printable I found on her site.  Here is the link to the page with the printable –

Here is a picture of the printable itself.

Then it was time to start gluing on my buttons.  The nice thing about this printable is that is also has the red background for the flag so that if you do happen to miss a little spot with the buttons it will not be so noticeable.  Sort of like what I suggested to Kim when she was doing her Mad Button Art Post!

Here is a picture of it part way done!

 I finished gluing on the buttons but decided I should paint the frame red to match!

And this is my Canada 150 Button Art Project in it’s frame ready for us to hang up in celebration! (I have decided to only concentrate on Canada’s 150, rather than my 50th lol)

25 thoughts on “Canada 150 Button Craft

  1. So it’s buttons now…. do you have a bucketful of them collected over the years, like I do ? One of the coolest button things I saw was a pair of stilettos covered in them. They looked awesome! Now there’s a challenge for you 🙂

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