Polymer Clay/Pinecone Hummingbird 

Kim showed me a picture of something similar to this ages ago, and I’ve been dying to try it!


There really weren’t many options for picture taking during the process,  it was mainly an exercise in shaping, shaping and reshaping.

I used a toothpick for the beak because I knew that even if I could get that shape,  I would never be able to get it to the pan to cook/cure it!

These are the pieces of my hummingbird, pre paint and assembly.




This is after painting, and yes, I know it doesn’t actually resemble any real species of hummingbird lol!


After sealing.  Now it just needs assembling/gluing together.


And this is my polymer clay/pinecone hummingbird ready for hanging somewhere or as a gift….. I am still undecided, but glad I finally made one!


I hung it from the string of one of my ceiling fans so it can “fly!”

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