Buttons & Bling Birdhouse

Today’s button craft is my Buttons & Bling Birdhouse. When I was looking for the stretched canvas I wanted to use for yesterday’s button craft I came across a few little bird houses from the dollar store. I thought it would look really cute all decked out in buttons and gems!



I started out by base painting the birdhouse, again so if I missed any spots it would be as visible through the buttons.


I went with pink and purple because I knew I still had an abundance of pink and purple buttons and I had just purchased a package of pink and purple “gems” from the dollar store last week.

This is what I started with and I only used these and my dreaded glue gun.


As with the other button crafts, it’s just a matter of fitting the buttons onto the surface, trying to cover as much of the base/bird house as possible.  When I was done gluing the buttons in place I started to fill in other places where I could see through to the paint with the gems.

I decided to totally bling out the roof of the birdhouse.  I found square-ish gems in mostly purple but did squeeze in some of the bright pink and “shingled” my roof with them.

And that’s it!  I have aa sparkly, bling-y little bird house that we can maybe hang in the “tree” we are going to paint in the craft room!

This would also make a great gift!



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