A Reflection on Drawing

I remember the first time I realized I could draw….

While, I enjoyed drawing from a young age, I never created anything I was overly proud of nor anything I cared to share with others. When I was in grade 4, we were given stencils to create caricatures of ourselves. I remember I kept the stencils and made hundreds of caricatures that summer. Caricature-drawing gave me the itch to draw more.

At the time, I had a poster in my bedroom of a skateboarding Scooby Doo. Something possessed me one day to try to draw him. To my own amazement – I could! I didn’t fully embrace drawing at the time but it was the first time I learned I could draw and replicate a cartoon image by looking at it.

Years later, I started drawing more, first for myself and then for others.

I worked in a daycare for a bit before and while going to college. I loved drawing pictures for the children. Two pictures that stick out were a Tinkerbell drawing (like a caricature with the larger head and smaller body) and then a Spiderman drawing (based on a poster that was in the daycare). Both children loved the drawings, hung them proudly at home, and were disappointed that mom and dad couldn’t draw as well as me (or so I heard from mom and dad).

I’ve continued to practice drawing, mostly cartoons since that’s the easiest thing for me to replicate. I’ve drawn pictures for my younger cousin, my mom, my grandma, my hubby, my friends and coworkers and their children, etc.

For almost a year, I have been passing a book back and forth with my one friend’s daughter. We are like picture pen pals. I enjoy it – not only having the opportunity to draw and see how much she likes the pictures but seeing her love of art flourish also. I always try to draw things she enjoys (Pokemon, Legend of Zelda, etc.) or things that are relevant at the time (like Beauty and the Beast).

More recently, a coworker shared the story of how much his son loved the Power Rangers and identified with one of the characters in the movie. I decided to draw him a Power Ranger picture. He loved it!

Some other recent things were a “Thinking of You” picture for a coworker who was going through a rough time and a picture to accompany the blanket I made for my friend’s baby (who is due any day now!!).

I sometimes wonder how it’ll be received when I, almost 30 years old, draw a picture for someone as a gift. Often, and thankfully, I’m surprised at just how well received it is. People truly appreciate the time and effort it takes to draw them a picture. While I enjoy drawing and it often turns out as desired, it is something that takes work.

Since I don’t keep a lot of my pictures, I try to take pictures of them before I give them away.

Here is a collection of some of my drawings:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

While I’m certainly not winning any awards for my drawings, it’s something I love doing and something I love sharing with others. It’s nice, despite how material some people can be, to be able to create something nice (and essentially free) to show someone you’re thinking of them.



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