Recycled Cans Crafts – Part #3

This time I decided to make an organizer for the craft room.  I am actually thinking about putting Styrofoam in the bottom of the big can and using that to hold all my paint brushes.  Now it is a little gaudy but it will definitely serve it’s purpose and it’s definitely got bling lol!



I started out, as usual, by base painting all the cans and the cork board oval I found at the dollar store to put it on.


Once they were painted I used Chris’ drill to drill holes big enough to fit the nuts and bolts I found in my tool box.


Now that my holes were drilled, I used the nuts and bolts I had to attach the smaller cans to the big coffee can.


Then came the fun part…. to add some bling to it.  It almost looks like someone threw up rhinestones on it but that’s okay.  It’s for the craft room and bling overkill is more than welcome!

Here is the finished organizer. I used Gorilla Glue to attach the can base to the cork board oval to finish it.


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