Recycled Cans Crafts – Part #4 – Tin Can Luminary 

I was finishing up with the gaudy organizer when Dillon came in the kitchen with a can of pears.  He ate the whole thing lol. I was getting ready to put the can in the recycling but stopped myself. 

I already had Chris’ drill and bits right there,  so it only made sense to drill some holes in the pears can lol!

I started out by drawing a Maple leaf on the can with a Sharpie. 

And then I tried to follow the lines and drilled holes all the way around the Sharpie outline. And then I drilled a hole at the top on either side to make a handle. 

Once the drilling was done I painted the whole can bright red and then splattered it with white.  Any excuse to use splattering! 

I gave it a few coats of sealer and then threaded twine with some red wooden beads through the holes I drilled for a handle. 

I put a candle in it to see how it looked.  It lit up fine but I couldn’t make out what the shape actually was when it wasn’t lit up. 

I decided to take the white paint marker I have and play dot to dot around the leaf. Once I did that I thought why not add the “150” in the Centre?  

And this is how it looked lit and unlit when I was done. 

I will hang this in one of my gardens as well! 

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