My Iced Coffee Recipe 

Chris loves Iced Coffee, but it is very expensive and you only get one glass.  I decided to try to make him some myself! 


It did take some fiddling around with a few pots of brewed coffee before I found the right combination that he likes.

This is what I use,  starting with a cooled pot of fresh brewed coffee! Stuff you probably already have on hand! 

I added about a half a cup of sugar and then cream. I only used the 5% cream because Chris isn’t a huge fan of cream in his coffee.  

Mix it up really well until the sugar is dissolved. 

I kept a juice bottle from some nasty looking,  neon green “juice” Dillon bought lol. I like the iced coffee in a bottle like this so you can shake it up each time you pour a glass.  It’s not pretty,  but it works and it’s recycling! 

I add about 3 teaspoons of chocolate milk syrup, fill the bottle almost to the top with about a half a cup of extra water and shake it up until it’s completely incorporated.  It doesn’t take much. The chocolate milk syrup takes the bitterness from the coffee. 

Chill completely and serve over ice (we use the reusable ice cubes that don’t water down your drinks!)



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