Who says Crock Pots are for Winter? – Part #2


I still don’t recall the conversation Kim wrote about in Part #1 of this post.  It sounds like something I would say but I just don’t remember.  That being said, I honestly think that crock pots are even more useful for summer than in winter.

Who wants to heat up the whole kitchen in the middle of a heat wave?  Not me!  I still like to feed “the boys ” full,  hearty meals and not always just bbq!


I would have to say that my favourite crock pot meal would be cooking my favourite mac & cheese recipe in it. I don’t care what time of year it is,  you just sometimes needs a good feed of mac & cheese.

I do like to make chili in it as well.  It’s nice to have something everyone can just scoop out when they get hungry! I found a recipe to make a Marinara sauce I really would like to try to make and can.


This year there are a few new things I want to try.  First and foremost, dessert in the crock pot !

Here are a couple of dessert recipes I found on Pinterest.



Or what about a cool trail mix?


I would also really like to try to make some kind of jam in the crock pot.

I found these two recipes, again on Pinterest, that I am going to do this summer for our Christmas preserve baskets!

Check these out!



And don’t forget about the Onion Jam I made in the crock pot earlier this year.  I brought a jar out for burgers for our Canada day bbq and everyone loved it!

And I really, really want to try one of the recipes to make yogurt in the crock pot!  Yogurt! How cool is that?


Whether it be dinners,  dessert or crock pot canning, I find my crock pot my go to cooking method,  summer and all year.  And who wants to be stuck in the kitchen in summer?

They are quick,  delicious and do not heat up the kitchen on hot,  summer days!

10 thoughts on “Who says Crock Pots are for Winter? – Part #2

  1. I don’t know why I don’t think of making desserts in my slow cooker. Maybe it’s because it usually has dinner in it! I will have to plan ahead and try one. Thank you!

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