Gardening…. Again

I am still sort of in shock that I haven’t killed everything that I have planted so far this year.  That is how bad I am at gardening.  When I refer to my “Black Thumb” to family members I always get the same response…. “You do know you have to keep watering everything!” I do know, but I do tend to forget… over and over again until they are just brown shriveled up remnants of what I planted.

I am starting to wonder if it’s just the “help!”  This is the effort I get from my gardening helpers! Maybe they think they are just out there to guard the wheel barrow or something????



With the luck I have had so far this year, I decided to push my luck again lol.  Again, when Dillon and I were at Walmart yesterday, I was looking for tomato cages and we came across a big display of 50% off plants.  I sort of felt sorry for them so I bought two.  Only two!  I don’t know what I was thinking but I did it.  I bought a yellow rose plant and a little lavender tree to add to my gardens!

Today I replanted them where I wanted them.  First, here is my yellow rose plant.  Yellow roses are my absolute favourite colour of all roses!


I decided to use a container for the little lavender tree so I could have it on the back deck.  I don’t know how true it is but I recall reading somewhere that mosquitos don’t like the smell of lavender, so it was worth trying! Fingers crossed!


While I was out there I couldn’t help but stop and admire the Tiger Lilies.  They are perfect plants for me.  Absolutely no maintenance and they look beautiful every year!

I decided to take a few pictures of them to add to this post!

Here are the Tiger Lilies that I transplanted a few years ago to the “Tractor” garden! They are almost 4 feet tall!


And these are just a couple of random close up pictures I took of the Tiger Lilies in the back yard.





10 thoughts on “Gardening…. Again

  1. Some plants thrive on neglect, I have learnt over the years. TRH’s comment, when I buy new plants in spring is usually ‘oh, another one to kill!’ However, in my defence, my black thumb has greened up somewhat. BTW, I notice you have one of those glass bulb watering thingys – doesn’t work! Plants WILL die if you rely on it to do the job it does not do. You might as well relegate it to the world of useless garden ornaments and use that duck watering can I see you have 🙂

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    • That glass bulb is actually a light. I tried those bulbs before and as with the actual plants, forgot to water/refill them. I’m glad you noticed my cute little duck watering can. I’m hoping to use him as motivation 😳

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      • When you get enough lavender, pick up some vodka (cheap will work for this) and put the lavender in a sealed jar with the vodka. Make sure the vodka COMPLETELY covers the lavender, or the lavender may mold. Put the container in a dark, room temperature area, and shake it well every couple of days or so.
        In about 6 weeks, strain the vodka off from the lavender using cheesecloth. You may wish to reduce any extra alcohol off by putting the lavender tincture into a double burner for about 20 minutes, on medium heat to burn off the alcohol (vent fans are a must!) leaving you with more concentrated lavender oil.
        Most common herbs can also be steeped in olive oil too- rosemary steeped in olive oil after several weeks is GREAT with fresh Italian bread.
        Hope it helps! 🤗

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