Over the Fridge Shelves – Budget Kitchen Makeover – Part #2

I know this isn’t a huge “makeover” idea but it sure created a tidy looking storage solution for me!

I don’t know about you, but I do not have any cupboards above my fridge.  I have been just “putting” things on top to store them until today!

I was originally planning on finding a small “cubby” type shelf and hanging it above the fridge, leaving the top of the fridge still bare.  Dillon and I stopped at Walmart yesterday on the way to my Dr’s appointment and I found some cute stacking shelves that I decided to go with instead.  I did that today!


I started off by clearing everything that had accumulated on top of the fridge… Kleenex, cereal boxes, bread, a cake plate, my fancy toaster the kids bought me, all sorts of junk!

Then it was time to actually assemble the shelves.  Of course I am home alone when I decide… Dillon is in town helping Kim and Chris is golfing.  That means the pretty pink tool kit gets to make an appearance lol! I love my pink tools!


I took everything out of the box, actually read the instructions (well, I at least looked at the pictures of how to assemble it lol), and got to work.  They actually went together fairly quick and easy, much to my delight!


One shelf done! They even came with little dowels to attach one to the other if you are planning on stacking them like I am.


Second shelf done and stacked on top of the first one so I can see how it looks!


Now it was time to put them on the fridge and hope I like how it looks!  Thankfully I do like how it looks!


This is where I had to decide what was going back on the fridge and what wasn’t.  I must have done a pretty good job sorting the junk because I even had room there now for some cook books, my electric knife, my waffle iron and more!


What a difference it made.  I have a whole lot more stuff on the fridge than before but it looks a helluva lot neater than it did before. I am so glad I decided to do this.

Last two items that go on the fridge and it was done!



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