Glitter Storage Pots 

Another Dr’s appointment today but I wanted to post something, so this is what I came up with!

I had 2 plastic pots left over from Canada day.  I suppose I could have put them away until next year, but nope, I decided to bling them up lol!



This is the pile of base painting I started out with.

I painted the pots a light turquoise and purple! Then I sealed them up.

I decided that since it’s open storage I should paint and seal the inside too.


Now it was time to bring out the dreaded glue gun 😕.  A while back I bought 15 yards of gold sequins 😳 and this seemed like the perfect idea for the purple pot!


So I glued and glued and glued some more and the pot was covered and very sparkly.  We’re talking migraine sparkly.  Oops!

Now it was time for the turquoise pot.  I toned it back a bit for this one.  Last week I bought some rhinestone ribbon /tape from the dollar store and that seemed like a good fit.  This one didn’t require anywhere near as much gluing! Thankfully!



This is the storage pots when I thought I was done!


When I looked at them on the counter they just looked like they were missing something  ( other than sunglasses ), so I pulled out that glitter glue I bought a few weeks ago and slathered some of that on too. Why not go all in!


They are now drying, almost ready for use!


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