Cranberry Raspberry Jelly 

Today,  while it’s still relatively cool outside,  I am making a batch of Cranberry Raspberry jelly to put away for our Christmas preserve baskets!

Jelly is pretty easy to make because it’s made with juice instead of whole fruit and is a great introduction to canning!



Cranberry Raspberry Jelly 

Here are the ingredients I used.  You just need juice  (no sugar added), sugar and pectin.


  • 5 cups no sugar added juice
  • 5 cups sugar
  • 1 Package pectin

These are the “tools” I used. A can lifter is essential so you are not trying to lift wet, very hot jars out of the pan using oven mitts.  Ask me how I know that lol 😕. The canning funnel saves you a lot of mess.  I tried just the ladle when I first started and ended up with a big sticky mess.  You can pick up both for under  $10 at the hardware or grocery stores.

You will start by preparing your jars,  washing and sterilizing them.  You can keep them in the hot water until you are ready to use them.


In a large pot, measure out your 5 cups of juice and pour it in the pot and then whisk in the pectin.


Put the pot on the stove over medium heat and bring to a full rolling boil.


While this is happening,  start your canning pot with water and bring it to a full boil and measure out your sugar.



Once the juice and pectin have reached the full boil, add the 5 cups of sugar all at once, stirring to dissolve.



Keep stirring and bring it back to a full rolling boil and let it boil for 1 full minute.


After the full minute, remove from heat and skim the foam off the top of the jelly.



Ladle jelly into your prepared jars using your canning funnel to ensure it all goes in the jars and not everywhere else. ( I always lay an old towel on the counter when dealing with the hot liquid and then the hot jars just as a precaution against a hot jar and cold counter incident! )


Wipe rims with a paper towel and add lids and rims.  Just hand tightened.


Carefully place jars in the boiling water bath  (the pot you started boiling earlier ), and process  (let boil) for a full 10 minutes.

Note: Make sure there is at least 1 inch of water above the tops of the jars while processing.


Remove from heat and let sit in water bath for an additional 15 minutes.

Using a bottle lifter, remove jars from water bath carefully and set on towel to cool.  Listen for the pops! That is the jars sealing!

No matter how many batches of preserves I make,  I still count the pops!

Note #2: If any didn’t seal properly, you can tell by pushing down on the lid.  If there is any flex to the lid when pushed it didn’t seal. Store these ones in the fridge and use first.


Wipe down your jars when cool, label them and store in a cool dark place until ready to use.



To gift these jars,  you can add some ribbon and a fancy label and share your newest skill!

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