Freezer Paper Transfer  – Part #2  – My Fail 

I almost didn’t post this just because it was a fail but then I remembered Kim and I said at the start of our blogging adventure that we wouldn’t just post the “wins.” We decided that whatever we decided to try,  good outcome or not, we would still share it. I think this is my 2nd or 3rd now 😕!


I had great beginner’s luck doing my freezer paper jars,  so I was very confused as to why the canvases I was making did not turn out!

I base painted them with the exact same paint I used on the jars,  and I mean the exact when it comes to the pink, but even the green was the same combination of paints just different colours.

I went through the same steps,  taping freezer paper to the printer paper, mirroring my images so they appeared the correct way, printing them on the same printer, but when I did the actual act of transferring the outcome was decidedly different.

The pink one wasn’t as bad as the green but it is still barely discernable.  I was very disappointed 😕.

This is how they turned out.

The Pink One 

Before sealer.

After sealer.  It did brighten it up a little.

The Green One 

This one wasn’t even worth sealing, especially considering I even managed to get the background,  raised tree upside-down lol 😳.  I will repaint it,  maybe going even lighter and try it again.  I hope it wasn’t just the texture on the canvas that caused it but I need to know for sure.

When the jars turned out my mind was reeling with possibilities which are in limbo now until I try again.

I will update this post once I’ve tried again!


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