Bamboo “Obelisk” Trellis

Gardening Believe it or not, my lonely little cucumber plant is doing awesome!  I think I counted about 12 flowers on it!  Only problem is that the little plastic trellises I put around it are absolutely useless now.

I was going to go out and buy something to support it, but then I remembered I still had a few pieces of bamboo from the clay pot wind chime, and thought I would try to do something similar but for the cucumber… something for it to climb while it’s growing.



I started out with just the 3 pieces of bamboo I had purchased a while back from the dollar store and some twine.  Yep, that’s it!


I stood the 3 pieces of bamboo on a flat surface (my kitchen table) and tied a knot around them with twine to start.


Next I adjusted them into a “triangle” shaped structure and started to wind the twine in and around the three pieces to hold them in place.


I wove the end into the wound twine and knotted it to keep it in place.


Now it was time to take it outside!  I was able to easily push the 3 bamboo sticks into the ground around the cucumber plant without hurting the plant.


Next I used little “butterfly” type hair clips to hold the plant to the bamboo, allowing it to be attached to the bamboo, climb and not damage the stems. (I saw this trick when I bought that little lavender tree I posted in my last Gardening update post!)  They work great and again, you can buy these at the dollar store as well!


And now my lonely little cucumber plant has a nice obelisk type trellis to grow some pretty little cucumbers for us to have in our salads!


And on a side note….. TWO OF MY TOMATO PLANTS HAVE FLOWERS!!!!  Woo Hoo!


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