Outdoor Coffee Table/Furniture Recycle

For ages we’ve had this really ugly little coffee table in what we call the “middle garage ” that Dillon used and abused through high school lol.

When Chris and I decided to rearrange things on the back deck I decided to try to recycle this coffee table.

These pictures are the before and after photos!


This is what it looked like post- Dillon!  As you can see,  well abused!

I had to start by removing all of the electrical tape “designs?” Then I used a palm sander to even out all the different colours of paint he added, lol.

Still doesn’t look great,  but well on its way!

Now I added 3 coats of the colour paint I wanted it to become.  I decided to just paint the top and leave the wood framing and legs their original finish. I used a taupe colour to match the outdoor furniture.

I was going to leave it at that,  but no,  didn’t happen.

I was looking at the flower design on the cushions of the bench seat and decided to add a couple of those to the table.

I was out of tracing paper, so I had to improvise and use parchment paper 😕 to trace the design.  Hey, it worked lol!

I took a close up picture of the flower so I could use it as reference while I painted.

I transferred the design where I wanted it on my table using carbon paper.

Then started to base paint.

Here are the flowers and leaves after base painting.

I painted in the accents as close to the original design as possible.

I outlined everything with black.

This is the table pre-sealer.

I gave it 3 coats of sealer,  and this is our new/old coffee table in service on the back deck!



Oh, and I finally found one of those plastic planter urns to match the outdoor.  Ages ago, I saw one of these used for an outdoor dog water bowl and have been looking for one to match ever since!  Found it at Walmart when Dillon and I were there!



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