Bling Perfume Bottle 

I couldn’t make up my mind about what to do today.  I knew I had a technician coming so I didn’t want to start something big or messy. 

I remembered about a glass perfume bottle I bought last Christmas,  intending to make a gift 😳,  that I never got around to. 

Today I decided to bling it out!  Then I can put it away, finished,  for this Christmas! 


I started out with the bottle and a pile of bling, undecided at that point exactly what I was planning to do. 

I decided to start by gluing the rhinestones around the lid,  and then the top and bottom of the bottle. 

Next I started laying out little gemstone flowers on the placemat until I found one I liked. 

I glued it in place on the bottle, then added a couple of swirls, a row of gemstones around the top of the bottle and then a little design on the lid.

I decided at this point I was also going to put a coat of the glitter glue I have over the whole thing to sort of hold the bling in place until I sealed it. Plus it would add more glitter/bling!

And this is my finished Bling Perfume Bottle ready to be put away for Christmas! 

A quick and easy gift idea for any occasion! 


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