Semi-Weekly Herb Garden/Garden Update 

Since I am going to town tomorrow for a fun day with Kim,  I thought I would do another gardening update post in my absence! 

We are going to the big craft store, Kitchen Stuff Plus and for lunch!  It will be a great day! 

As for the gardens…….

I finally moved the beautiful “Garden” sign Chris bought me at Christmas to the front of the house and I love how it looks! If only Chris wasn’t so insistent that we keep the old couch on the front porch for the dogs lol. How “Hicksville” is that? Oh well, we do pretty much live in the middle of nowhere! 

Hopefully I’m not jinxing myself by saying it,  but the garden is actually doing really well!  The “reduced shelf” yellow rose bush I bought that day at Walmart actually has its first bud!

Look at that! 

The herbs are doing really well and the chamomile even has it’s first flowers getting ready to bloom.  The dill and the lemongrass are almost a foot tall, the chocolate mint is growing additional stems from trailers and the rest are doing just as well! (And yes, those little dollar store balloons are still inflated?)

The tomatoes plants seem to grow every day and almost all of them have flowers! The one plant is higher than the deck floor now!

And as for my lonely little Cucumber plant, it has little baby cucumbers starting!!!! I was so excited when I saw them that I made Chris go look too lol 😳. I might actually get a cucumber or two!  How awesome is that? 

Aren’t they adorable?  

As you can clearly see,  I’ve even exceeded my own expectations for how long I could keep everything alive this year lol. Maybe I do have a tiny bit of green coming through on my black thumb at long last! 

Happy Gardening! 



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