Painting the Roses Red…. My Queen of Hearts Bin!

First, let me say hello and apologize for my absence. The past few weeks have been busy – both at work and at home. Thankfully, my mom has been maintaining the blog while I’ve attended to other business. I’m hoping things are starting to slow down and I can finally settle back in and take care of some crafting.

I started a craft several weeks ago and was finally able to finish it today. Once I finally sat down, it only took me about an hour and a half to finish.

This is my Queen of Hearts-inspired (fake) flower holder for my bedroom desk/vanity (to go with all the other Alice in Wonderland things I’ve been making).


As I mentioned, I started this craft several weeks ago. In fact, it was the same day I made my Cheshire Cat button art. That day, I started “painting the roses red” in true Alice in Wonderland spirit. The unpainted bin with the painted-red roses has sat on my bedroom desk/vanity ever since.


Today, finally able to return to the project, I started by painting the bin white. It took a few coats on the outside and then I wanted to ensure the inside was painted also in case the flowers didn’t fully cover.


Once the white paint was dry, I drew my hearts, Qs and crowns on the bin in pencil (trying to replicate the look of a playing card) and then painted them. I had originally tried a red permanent marker for the Qs and smaller hearts but it didn’t cover well. As soon as I added the paint, it started to come together.


Finally, I took the painted-red roses and the leaves and clipped them so that I could arrange them more freely in the bin. It was exactly as I imagined it would look – nothing too fancy but a simple, Alice-inspired décor for my desk/vanity.


And that’s all it took! In just over an hour (after weeks of being an incomplete project), I finally finished it! In hindsight, I could have and probably should have finished this sometime over these past few weeks. Unfortunately, after long days, sleep sometimes overrules crafting.

What’s next for my Alice in Wonderland plans? Perhaps some kind of white rabbit? Or maybe a hookah-smoking caterpillar? Only time will tell but I am eager to get back to crafting. It’s been such a fun way to add some colour and excitement into my bedroom décor and it gives me a sense pride every time I look at what I’ve created, often from dollar store finds.



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