Gingerbread Jelly 

This week I made a batch,  well two batches, of Gingerbread Jelly for our Christmas Preserves baskets.  It was very easy and surprisingly quick to make.  And let me tell you, having the spicy scent of gingerbread in the house was wonderful!

Tomorrow it’s Dill Pickle making time!



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Asian Tonight via My Meals are on Wheels

Doesn’t this look delicious? Thank you My Meals are on Wheel for sharing such a delicious looking recipe!


I remember my years living up north and the wonderful Asian restaurants we had in our area. Missing those dishes, I have been tinkering with recipes and sauces to create some of the tastes I rememb… Source: Asian Tonight

via Asian Tonight — My Meals are on Wheels


Mexican Pierogi Casserole

Mexican AND Pierogi? Doesn’t get much better than that!!

What's for Dinner Moms?

How much are we traveling this summer? Every single weekend, except for two,  from the beginning of June to the middle of September. The cat is even done with us being gone as you can see above. She sees the suitcases come out and she tries to climb in. We are not supposed to forget to take her with us again!

Because we are traveling so much I am not buying groceries as I normally do. I am using up every little scrap I can find in the pantry, refrigerator, and freezer to save money. My children and I were going through the freezer the other night and found some ground beef and a couple of boxes of pierogi. I knew we had some salsa in the pantry and cheddar cheese in the fridge. Mexican Pierogis it is!


Neither of my children were very thrilled at the thought of…

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Origami Bookmark With Tray Liner

How could I not reblog this when there are Minions involved?


Origami Bookmark With Tray Liner // Mono + Co

These origami papers are not what they seem.  The Minion themed tray liners from a popular fast food restaurant are too pretty to be recycled into paper pulp.

After trimming them to square sheets, I proceed to turn them into bookmarks.  Catching up with a novel or two is a great luxury during the school holiday, so these will definitely come in handy when left on the coffee or bedside table.

Origami Bookmark With Tray Liner // Mono + Co

I folded these bookmarks with instructions here, here, and here.

Origami Bookmark With Tray Liner // Mono + CoOrigami Bookmark With Tray Liner // Mono + CoSave



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