Garden Update 

I know,  you are all probably getting sick and tired of seeing my garden updates lol… but I have a rose!!! And a beautiful one at that,  if I do say so myself! 

Just look at it!  I even managed to get a few water droplets in the pictures! 

Chris bought me the cutest new hummingbird feeder! 

And pretty pink gardening gloves because I’m almost a gardener now!

And on top of that, as if that wasn’t enough, my first cucumber is now almost the size of a dill pickle!  Woo hoo!  Maybe I do have the palest green ever,  right at the tip of my thumb?

I even have little tiny tomatoes starting on almost every plant.  Check these babies out!

I hope you enjoy all of these pictures because I got about 50 mosquito bites while taking them 😕

And last but not least, while we were waiting for an oil change to be completed Friday, I came across another reduced plant “display” and bought a cute little chili pepper plant to rescue.  Well, hopefully rescue.  I may be doing well so far this summer but past history would say I will just be helping it on its way to plant heaven.  Fingers crossed! 

Happy Gardening! 



8 thoughts on “Garden Update 

    • Thank you! I’m trying very hard this year to not be a plant murderer 😳. Tonight I even used some of the cute little chili peppers from the garden in dinner and I’m still trying to get the oil from them off my hands

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